[Infographic] Gen Z tech talent: what to know (and how to reach them)


Gen Z isn’t just internet-saavy—they don’t know a world without the internet. Because of this, sourcing, attracting and retaining this group of tech talent is a different game. And with some members of Gen Z a few years out of college, adapting to this group is critical. Why? They know 9 out of the top 10 languages employers are looking for.

Partnering with HackerRank, Seen recently hosted a webinar about Generation Z tech professionals and how employers can recruit and retain these digital natives. We touched on how to broaden your university reach, foster diversity internally while highlighting it externally and how your messaging needs to change to meet the priorities of Gen Z.

Connect to vetted Gen Z tech talent on Seen

In our webinar, lead sourcers Todd Davis from Indeed.com and Joel Torres from Twilio answered questions  following questions (and more):

  • Who is Gen Z? What makes them unique?
  • What are the best practices for communicating with Digital Natives?
  • How is this entry-level talent addressing the tech professional shortage?
  • What are your personal talent acquisition strategies and advice?

With nearly 20% of Generation Z applying to software engineering roles, what are you doing to engage and hire this wave of digital natives that can transform your company? Check out our infographic below for our five steps for recruiting and retaining Gen Z tech talent (Click to see the full size image).

Infographic on how recruiters should engage with Gen Z tech talent
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