[Report] Taking the pulse of tech hiring in 2019


There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Tech hiring is hard, whether you’re new to tech recruiting or a tech hiring superstar. In fact, employers use an average of five different resources to fuel their tech talent search. 

And even though there’s been a heavier emphasis on more (and faster) tech skills training in recent years, top-notch tech candidates can still be elusive, with recruiters commonly referring to them as “purple squirrels.”

So to figure out how companies piece everything together to make great hires (and help you supercharge your tech hiring along the way), we surveyed hundreds of technical recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers on the hunt for this rare talent.

In our new report, Solving the tech talent puzzle: How companies (of all sizes) make great hires, we take a snapshot of what tech hiring looks like in 2019, revealing the major differences (and overlaps) when it comes to hiring tech talent at micro-companies with a handful of employees all the way to enterprise companies with 500+.

Download the report now to get insights to boost your tech hiring strategies in 2020 and beyond

Using this survey data, in combination with Indeed’s treasure trove of tech job posting data, we’ll uncover intriguing insights about tech hiring in a time when the tech skills gap is starting to close, including:

  • The core tech roles that all companies are hiring for—regardless of size
  • 11 candidate qualities tech employers find most impressive (outside the job description)
  • The 15 biggest hurdles companies face when it comes to tech hiring (and how to overcome them)
  • How employers choose between two awesome tech candidates
  • Which companies struggle the most to hire the right tech talent (and why)

Click here to get the report and learn more about how companies are sourcing, attracting and hiring tech talent in an age where nearly every company is a “tech company.”

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