4 skills needed for a career in cryptocurrency


With the interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on the rise, many blockchain enthusiasts are on the hunt for a new career related to their passion. Not surprisingly, employers are also on the hunt for qualified candidates to satiate the needs of this much talked about and trending currency.

According to research from Indeed, job postings mentioning “blockchain,” “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” have increased by 621% since November 2015. Forbes also noted that companies searching for those job skills include Uber, eBay, Capital One, Match.com, and GEICO.

The demand and interest for digital currency has opened up the field to new jobs, including blockchain developers and engineers, project managers, cryptocurrency miners, data scientists, and those in operations, marketing, and UX/UI design.

What are the top requirements for a career in the cryptocurrency space?

1. Ability to learn at a fast pace

Since this is a new industry, many companies are aware that there is still much to learn about cryptocurrency, and having the ability to learn quickly will be to your advantage. Although you may find it a challenge to find any courses on campuses related to blockchain technology, Princeton’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course available on Coursera is a great place to start, as is IBM’s Developer Center.

2. Coding skills

Many companies in the crypto tech industry are looking for candidates with experience in full stack, front-end development, or blockchain engineering. Blockchain engineers usually work with Solidity, building decentralized applications or creating custom clients or blockchain apps using Multichain, Hyperledger, or private Ethereum chains. Full stack developers can expect to use MySQL or MongoDB for account management, and front-end developers most likely will use JavaScript and React.

3. Contributions on open-source projects

Since many cryptocurrency projects are open source, a job candidate with contributions in the open source community will have an advantage. Take a look at some of the issues on Github and contribute by solving some of the issues listed.

4. General understanding and a passion for blockchain technology

It makes sense that you will already have an understanding of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it if you are considering going down this career path. Even better, is to have a strong passion for learning all about blockchain technology and everything that is involved with it, and the desire to live, breathe, and dream blockchain.

No one can predict for certain what the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology holds, and it will be interesting to discover any new job opportunities that will develop as the demand for digital currency grows. If you are looking for your dream job in cryptocurrency, sign up for Seen, where you will be presented to top tech companies looking for candidates in this field.

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