How one data scientist stopped his cycle of endless job applications—for good


After a year of unemployment and hundreds of applications, Joe, a data scientist, turned to Seen to find his dream job. He leveraged Seen’s hands-off application process and personal career coaching to streamline his job search, letting a private network of industry-leading employers reach out directly to him.

Using Seen’s transparent salary, role and location search options, Joe finally found his perfect match. After a 5-minute application, he was presented to thousands of employers. He’s now working comfortably in a full stack data science role with a higher salary, more programming responsibility and new opportunities to advance his career.


Prior to using Seen, Joe was in a tough spot. He’d moved across the country and was looking to transition into a mid-level data science role where he could take a more hands-on approach and ramp up his programming skills. Joe needed to gain more experience and widen his skill set, so he worked on some freelance projects.

“I did some consulting odd-jobs, where I didn’t make that much money. I was trying to fill in my resume.”

He was hoping to use this experience to land a role with more responsibility, where he could work collaboratively on projects that made an impact outside the company. But his time working on extra projects soon turned into over a year of unemployment, which further impeded his ability to find a new role.

The challenge

Both the specific role he was seeking and the growing time spent unemployed made it difficult for Joe to find a job that checked all his boxes. He was looking for a mid-level data science role where he could learn new skills in programming, but found that most recruiters were only filling senior positions. The mid-level positions he found were often contract or freelance roles, and Joe wanted to find a full time opportunity where he could take on long-term projects and progress into higher-responsibility positions.

Joe was eager to move up the ladder, and he persisted in his hunt for the ideal job, sending out seemingly countless applications.

“There were definitely hundreds of interviews in this round of job searching.”

Joe often felt frustrated by the process. He worked with many different recruiters and job search tools hoping to simplify his journey. Although he had already created a strategic resume, he had to complete detailed surveys or take phone calls before each application.

“Recruiters will often require you to talk to them on the phone during the day and fill out a bunch of questionnaires before they will even submit your resume to people. At one point I felt like it was just not worth it.”

Despite employing a wide variety of resources, he continued to struggle in finding a match. After dedicating so much time and effort to filling out applications, Joe found himself looking for a tool that would allow him to take a more hands-off approach and refine his search to jobs that met his needs.

The solution

Joe had discovered Seen earlier in his job search, but after a year of looking elsewhere, decided to take full advantage of the platform. He was drawn to the diverse services the product offered, as well as the ability to take a step back and let employers come to him. After signing up, he was matched with a dedicated career coach who gave him advice tailored to his unique situation.

“The career counselor was really responsive to my emails, so I was able to get suggestions on which jobs I might be able to apply for. Whenever I had any question, I’d get a quick response.”

For Joe, the best part of the platform was how little work he had to do to be matched with top employers. After an exhausting job search, Joe enjoyed being able to take a hands-off approach.

“It didn’t require a huge amount of work on my part. Seen doesn’t require you to talk to them before every application. You don’t have to fill out massive details before they’ll submit your resume.”

After just a 5-minute application to sign up for Seen, Joe was immediately shown to a network of more than 5,000 potential employers. He quickly received several interview requests and felt more confident in his chances than before.

“If someone reaches out to you directly, they are already to a certain extent interested. It’s a lot easier to get the job when they reach out to you than if you applied normally. They are more interested in you in every step of the process because they are the ones who found you.”

Joe was able to start his search on Seen already on the right foot—confident in his qualifications and putting in less work to receive more meaningful results. While he had cast a wide net as far as potential roles in his previous job search, he was able to utilize Seen’s salary, location and role preference options to narrow down his matches. This ensured that he was a perfect fit for the jobs he interviewed for.

“Seen is able to narrow down and find stuff. They had the kind of jobs I was looking for.”

The results

After a few interviews with connections made on Seen, Joe accepted his dream job working as a full stack data scientist on diverse projects involving machine learning, statistical modeling, programming and data engineering. He has been able to take on new challenges and develop valuable experience that will help him continue to progress into higher level roles.

His work environment is highly collaborative, inspiring the continuous learning and growth that he was seeking.

“I have a lot of leeway to do what I think is necessary. I also have a lot of great people I work with. It’s a really collaborative, nice workplace.”

Since taking this position, Joe has continued to expand his skills. He enjoys the diverse requirements of his job and is looking forward to how these skills can help him in the future.

“This job has helped me in certain areas where I wasn’t an expert. I’ve also gotten way better at programming.”

After more than a year of searching and filling out tiresome applications, Joe was finally able to find not only a job, but the perfect job.

“I was unemployed for a really long time, and Seen got me out of that.”

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