How one software engineer landed his dream job in 30 days


Craving new and exciting challenges, Steve, a software engineer, leveraged Seen to effortlessly connect with top tech companies. He took advantage of Seen’s professional career coaching services to develop a powerful, standout resume, and let Seen handle the rest of the work for him. Without submitting one single job application, several employers approached him directly with amazing opportunities.

As a result, Steve successfully landed his dream job within 30 days. His new role ticks all his boxes: a variety of challenging projects, supportive teammates and opportunities for career development.

Below, read more about Steve’s story and how Seen matched him with the new tech job he loves.


Steve took what he describes as a “really strange path” to become a software engineer. After graduating from college with an accounting degree, he realized he wasn’t passionate about the subject and wanted to pursue a career that impacted people in a bigger way.

Since he enjoyed the freelance IT support work he did during high school, Steve decided to pivot away from accounting and take his tech skills to the next level. He transitioned into a help desk role to gain experience and soon started doing systems administration work.

However, Steve wanted to explore something more challenging:

“I was happy, but I wanted to take it one step further and actually make my own applications. So I started to teach myself Java, doing a curriculum with a friend who was in college at the time.”

He later enrolled in a 6-month coding bootcamp, where he developed a passion for software engineering:

“The coding bootcamp really solidified that this is for me; this is what I want to do.”

But as Steve discovered firsthand, finding a tech job that offers challenging, fulfilling work, great benefits and a competitive salary is no easy task.

The challenge

Soon after his coding bootcamp experience, Steve accepted a contract role as a full stack web developer at a payroll company, using JavaScript to build developer tools.

But after several months, he realized he wasn’t getting a sense of fulfillment from his work. He was unsatisfied with the level of challenge and variety, and was unsure if his job would allow him to achieve his long-term career goals. Since he was working as a contractor, Steve also found the lack of benefits disheartening and didn’t always feel treated as an equal member of the team:

“Being a contractor wasn’t ideal. Having no benefits and being a ‘second-class citizen’ wasn’t the greatest.”

As a result, Steve started looking for a full-time job to apply his tech skills in new and exciting ways. He wanted to join a collaborative, productive work environment where he felt like a valued team member.

During his 5-month job search, Steve applied to hundreds of jobs and went on nearly 50 interviews—but none of these roles were the right match. The job search tools Steve was using weren’t yielding the results he was looking for, and he encountered a lot of third-party recruiters and staffing agencies that made the job hunting process slow, tedious and frustrating.

The solution

Four months into his job search, Steve signed up for Seen. He was immediately drawn to the platform’s hands-off approach and easy-to-use features, and appreciated that it gave him the opportunity to speak directly with in-house recruiters, instead of outside recruiting agencies. He had previously used other job search tools, but liked the directness, transparency and convenience Seen offered:  

“Seen was nice because it filtered out a lot of the third-party recruiters, so you always know that you’re interacting with someone who actually has a say and a voice within that company, which makes the process so much easier. I felt so much more confident in the company that I was talking to via Seen because I knew it wasn’t going to be a waste of time. It was more direct, which was amazing.”

Plus, Steve’s dedicated Seen career coach gave him clear, actionable advice to improve his resume, making it instantly eye-catching to potential employers. He feels that talking to a real person during his job search journey humanized the process and provided him with the insightful feedback and guidance he needed to get hired:

“I had one or two sessions where we went through my resume and they gave me pointers about what could be changed and what could be worded better. That was really helpful because anyone can use a second set of eyes to help make their resume look better and more attractive to recruiters. It was hugely beneficial. I didn’t even have to seek out that kind of service—it came to me.”

The results

Steve saw instant success with Seen. Without having to actively search for jobs, three or four different companies contacted him immediately with interesting and unique opportunities.

Within just one month of joining Seen, Steve secured a challenging and rewarding role as a full-time software engineer at a tech consulting firm.

In his new role, Steve is currently using TypeScript—a language he’s never used before—to develop pricing tools for a large bank. He gets to work on increasingly challenging projects, learns something new everyday and is constantly being exposed to new programming languages, design patterns and methodologies. He is excited to be collaborating with smart, talented developers on a daily basis:

“It feels really good to be in the kind of environment where you’re challenged everyday and there’s always something to learn and somebody to learn from.”

Since his new role is a consultant position, Steve also gets to interact with different clients and work on a variety of interesting and highly impactful projects.

“I get to keep all the positives of being a contractor without any of the negatives, which I think is really awesome.”

Beyond that, Steve enjoys his significantly higher salary, the casual work environment and that he gets to spend most of his day immersed in coding:

“This is definitely what I was looking for. I wanted something that would be really challenging, really heads-down, really in-the-weeds work, which I definitely feel like this is.”

What’s more, Steve is learning valuable leadership skills and taking on new responsibilities, which is making a positive impact on his professional growth:

“Both the consultancy I work for and the client are also helping me to become a leader, which I think is really important. They’re giving me light leadership tasks to help me progress into a team lead—or later on down the line a manager—which I didn’t expect and I’m honestly amazed and really happy.”

In the role he was matched with through Seen, Steve is learning new skills, tackling exciting projects and accomplishing his career goals. He now feels like an integral part of the team instead of a second-class citizen.

“Using Seen was an extremely positive experience. I signed up, talked to the recruiter and got hired within a month. My new job is challenging and gives me the ability to work on something that will be used by a lot of people, which I think is super cool.”

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