Here’s the story behind the Seen brand


When we started Indeed Prime in 2015, we delivered a product that connected top tier tech talent to top tier tech companies. 

Since then, the need for tech talent has expanded beyond tech companies to companies of every size and industry—and the potential for finding fulfillment in a tech career has grown with new roles, skills and innovations emerging rapidly.

As we’ve coached thousands to their next tech opportunity and helped companies fill hundreds of tech roles, we’ve evolved beyond connecting people to new roles. 

We’ve developed a platform that balances advanced matching technology with real-time human interaction. 

We’ve made it incredibly easy and fast for companies and tech talent to find one another.

How Seen helps tech talent find their next big opportunity

We help companies across every industry attract tech talent, and we help tech talent find fulfillment in their next role and throughout their career, whether they’re a seasoned professional or a career switcher.

And as we’ve grown our partner and referral ecosystem, we help tech talent develop every step of the way.

Now, we’re excited to introduce you to Seen by Indeed. Our new brand supports our vision to connect tech talent to opportunities that will take them—and the companies that hire them—further than they’ve been or even thought possible. 

Here’s how we got here and where we’re headed.

Logos before and after

Defining Seen

We took a series of surveys, interviews and focus groups with tech talent and those hiring in tech, and worked with our agency partners at GSD&M to turn those insights into a brand manifesto and a set of brand promises—something that would guide the rebrand and our product roadmap. 

Our promises to you are:

We bring a human touch.

We offer support to our customers with every interaction, providing real-life people to engage with when it makes the most sense. 

We even the playing field.

We ask the right questions (and none of the pointless ones) to surface information that matters to the people that matter. We empower tech talent to go further—no matter where they’re at now. 

We give more than we take.

We deliver value instantly, wowing from the first interaction and not letting up after that. We work harder to bring tech talent and employers results they won’t find elsewhere. 

We help you see more—and more clearly. 

We help tech talent and employers see opportunities and candidates they otherwise may not have seen. 

With those promises, it was time for whiteboards, markers and all the post-its we could find.

Bringing it to life

Things started to come together. We shared a list of six heavily vetted names with talent in different roles, markets and countries—and we had a resounding winner: Seen. 

Seen speaks to an innate need that all of us have–to be understood, noticed, recognized, and appreciated

Then, we went to work on the logo and visual design system. Our logo speaks to being seen, and how you’re seen differently depending on one’s vantage point, perspective or experience. Try staring at it for a little bit and see what happens. 

The lettering for the wordmark, SEEN BY INDEED may seem familiar—the font and spacing are inspired by the eye charts that many of us have read, but almost see differently and with different results. 

These logo elements represent how we cut through the noise, clutter and bias to help candidates and employers be seen by one another.

When developing our design attributes, we married the elements of trust, surprise and empowerment:

Our colors and designs are bold and confident, with bright colors reflecting the idea of empowerment. Our color palette is inspired by the highly accessible Solarized color scheme, used by code editors—though we don’t have a dark mode…yet. 

Repeating lines heading upward support the aspiration to elevate profiles of people in tech and to take tech talent further in their careers. 

Finally, we took to heart what we heard from so many tech candidates when we asked them what would resonate with them in a brand. We need to establish credibility and yet stand out—but without seeming to try too hard.

So, just like our platform, our design system strives to exceed expectations through mastery of fundamentals and the addition of surprising details. Patterns, striking photography, seemingly abstract illustration and vibrancy feel unexpected but come together as a whole.

And we’re going to sound a little different to you, too. More casual. Less dry. More looking up. Less looking back. You’ll see this and more across our new website, the app, emails and career coaching and resources.

Today, and in the months ahead, you’ll see our site, app and services reflect more than just a tech job platform. Seen is a platform that helps people throughout their tech careers.

Old Prime homepage
New Seen homepage

Taking it further

We also know we’re not done. We’re just getting started. When we rolled out our new brand promises, our product team and stakeholders from across the company built out a product roadmap looking at now, next and later.

So, say hello to Seen. You’re going places—let’s take you further. 

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