Paying off student loans? 14 companies that offer debt relief


Graduation is absolutely a reason to celebrate, but you know it’s coming: the day you hand over your fresh earnings to start paying off student loans.

But you don’t have to stay in school just to prolong the inevitable wave of student loan bills. Whether you’re taking steps to land that first job pre-grad or recently flipped the tassel, there’s a new way to pay down student loan debt faster.

Companies are tacking on an additional (and rather enticing) perk to employee benefits packages: student loan repayment programs. And as the trend continues to catch on, the number of companies that help you pay off this debt is only going to increase. 

Start (or continue) the search for your first job post-grad right here. We’ve rounded up 14 companies across all industries hiring for tech talent that will give you money to put towards student loans—and get you closer to the light at the end of the tunnel much sooner.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is a global healthcare leader using new technologies to help people live healthier, longer. At Abbott, you’ll get the chance to build products that better manage diseases, make accurate diagnosis, solve chronic pain and more, or find yourself fine-tuning its recently launched web-based STARLIMS software system.

Abbott Laboratories’ student loan benefit goes by the name Freedom 2 Save and is tied to the 401(k) program. As long as you’re putting 2% of your paycheck to shave down student loan debt, Abbott will contribute 5% of your pay to a 401(k) account—all without you having to put a cent into your retirement account.

Open tech roles at Abbott Laboratories.


Headquartered in Chicago, IL, with offices in Alameda, CA, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, and Minneapolis, MN.


As a healthcare insurance and benefits company, Aetna gives people the tools they need to better manage their health and wellness. Working at Aetna, you’ll focus on solutions like hybrid cloud infrastructure, AI, machine learning and mobile technology to support the company’s mission to “promote wellness, health and access to high-quality healthcare for everyone.”

Aetna’s student loan repayment program matches student loan payments up to $2,000 per year with a lifetime max of up to $10,000. To receive this benefit, you must have earned a US-based degree within three years of applying.

Open tech roles at Aetna.


Headquartered in Hartford, CT with offices in New York, NY, Boston, MA and more.


Carvana is changing the car buying experience altogether: no open car lots, haggle-free experiences and peace of mind with a 7-day money back guarantee. Join Carvana and be part of revolutionizing the car industry by working on source code web services and apps or replacing legacy systems with next-gen enterprise apps.

Caravana announced in 2018 that it’ll contribute up to $1,000 each year to pay down your student debt.

Open tech roles at Carvana.


Headquartered in Tempe, AZ with offices in San Francisco, CA and more.


Chegg is a student-first, interconnected learning platform that provides an array of educational tools, from textbook rentals (digital and physical) to on-demand 24/7 tutor access and step-by-step expert instruction through their Chegg Study product. If you thrive in an agile environment and want to shape the lives of students across the globe, Chegg might be just what you’re looking for—and the perfect place to hone your tech chops as you build and optimize customer-facing web apps.

Chegg helps pay off student loans with its Equity for Education program. Employees with roles considered to be entry-level through manager-level who have been employed at Chegg for at least two years will receive up to $5,000 each year. For those employed at the director or vice president level, Chegg offers up to $3,000 annually. Payment is for all education debt and is not dependent on having received a degree, continuing until all loans are paid off.

Open tech roles at Chegg.


Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in New York, NY and more.


CommonBond offers loans to new students and refinances loans for graduates, giving students a better way to pay for higher education. And with its business program, CommonBond puts together customized solutions and products to help other companies turn student debt relief into a company benefit.

Being in the student loan business, CommonBond knows first-hand how much of a crowd-pleaser student loan repayment programs can be—which is why it gives employees up to $1,200 to help pay down student loan debt. And no lifetime maximum means that as long as you’re employed with CommonBond and have loans, you’ll receive assistance.

Open tech roles at CommonBond.


Headquartered in New York, NY.

Estée Lauder

With a number of prestige brands that fall under its umbrella, including Origins, Clinique and MAC, The Estée Lauder Companies has become a mega leader in the beauty industry. The company recently moved its IT group to a two-campus model across Melville and Long Island City, and is putting an even greater emphasis on using technology like AI, data analytics and 3D printing to drive growth and engagement.

For eligible Estée Lauder Companies employees, the company will contribute $100 per month to put towards student loan debt, which caps out at $10,000 total.

Open tech roles at Estée Lauder.


Headquartered in New York, NY with offices in Long Island, NY and more.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments guides people and businesses towards financial success by providing investing tools as well as customized insights and guidance from industry experts. The company puts tech high up on the priority list, spending about $2.5 billion a year on tech and experimenting with blockchain, AI and virtual reality.

Fidelity’s Step Ahead Student Loan Assistance program gives eligible employees up to $2,000 per year for a maximum of $10,000. This benefit also gets you access to online tools that’ll help you better manage your student loan debt.

Open tech roles at Fidelity Investments.


Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Merrimack, NH, Durham, NC and more.


One of the most popular streaming services today with a growing lineup of original content, Hulu lets you watch thousands of your favorite shows and movies all in one place. From running its ad platform (one of the largest on the web) to implementing algorithms used across Hulu systems, become a “Hulugan” and embrace innovation and unconventional thinking.

If you carry student loan debt, Hulu offers $1,200 annually to help pay it down.

Open tech roles at Hulu.


Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA with offices in Seattle, WA and more.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a live entertainment company that’s brought over 30,000 shows to life (and sells 500 millions tickets in one year alone) to get artists on stage for the world to see. As a Live Nation employee, your work gives you the opportunity to impact millions, like by perfecting its software to turn ticket-buying experiences from hassle to painless (and keep fans coming back for more).

If you’ve been on board for at least six months, Live Nation will match your monthly contribution to student loan debt of up to $100 monthly, up to $6,000.

Open tech roles at Live Nation.


Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA with offices in Scottsdale, AZ and more.


Nvidia’s invention of the GPU sparked the growth of the gaming market and completely redefined modern computer graphics. Today, Nvidia is changing how companies across industries operate with any of its many products, like it’s AI- and deep learning-powered self-driving cars, or NVIDIA Volta, an accelerated computing platform that enables data centers to accelerate workloads.

Whether a full- or part-time employee, Nvidia offers to repay student loans if you’ve graduated within the past three years. You can receive up to $6,000 each year, for a maximum of $30,000.

Open tech roles at Nvidia.


Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Austin, TX and more.


Peloton’s at-home fitness solutions merge high-design with modern tech to empower people to meet fitness goals from the convenience of their own home. And when you join the Peloton team, you’ll have the opportunity to create and support these products that inspire others, whether building out its web and ecommerce apps or maintaining the CI/CD automation infrastructure.

Peloton announced in 2017 that it will contribute $100 each month to help you whittle down student loan debt.

Open tech roles at Peloton.


Headquartered in New York, NY.


PwC delivers assurance, tax and consulting services, providing tech expertise across enterprise architecture, IT infrastructure, business applications and beyond. And because PwC knows that modern tech drives transformative change for business, you’ll help companies incorporate tech-driven strategies into their day-day-day, like automation, machine learning and data analytics.

PwC’s student loan repayment program provides $1,200 a year towards payments, up to $10,000.

Open tech roles at PwC.


Headquartered in London with offices in New York, NY and more.


SoFi offers student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans to drive people towards financial independence. Join SoFi in its newest office in the heart of Seattle’s tech sector (or one of its nine other locations) for the opportunity to work on any number of its products, from SoFi Invest, a platform that offers automated investing in stocks, to SoFi Money®, a cash management account that earns you money.

SoFi’s student loan assistance helps pay down debt by offering you $200 each month (no yearly cap).

Open tech roles at Sofi.


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Seattle, WA and more.


Unum is an insurance company that gives millions affordable access to benefits through the workplace. With a strong focus on customer experiences, Unum combines a forward-thinking mindset with technology, in turn receiving the 2018 Xplor Application of the Year Award for its “innovative approach in consolidating data centers, automating over 2000 applications and creating a process for ensuring efficiency and document integrity.”

At Unum, you’re able to trade unused paid time off for student loan payments. As a new employee of Unum, you’ll receive 28 days of PTO in that first year with the option to carry over five days of unused paid time for debt relief.

Open tech roles at Unum.


Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN with offices in Columbia, SC and more.

Land a new gig, get relief from student loan debt

There’s about $1.52 trillion in student loan debt in the US, leading new grads (and those who’ve been in the workforce for a few years already) to question the future of their finances. But just because you’re swamped with student loan bills now doesn’t mean it’ll be like this forever. 

One of the best ways to pay off student loans is with a company’s student loan repayment program. Find an employer with this kind of benefit to not only get that nagging debt off your shoulders, but to reach your financial goals sooner than you thought possible.

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