Top 5 reasons to try Seen by Indeed


Seen by Indeed (formerly Indeed Prime) changes the traditional hiring model and simplifies your job search in 5 key ways:

1. Private and exclusive.

Only vetted employers see your profile on our private network. You can even hide your profile from your current employer.

2. Upfront information.

Employers message you in advance with salary and role details, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

3. Streamlined approach.

Your Seen dashboard seamlessly keeps track of your messages, phone screens, on-site interviews, and offers. The in-app calendar and messaging tools let you keep everything in one place.

4. Free.

We won’t charge you a penny—yep, even for our career services.

5. Easy to apply.

Our quick, intuitive signup process takes 5 minutes. Our team reviews your application within 24 hours and quickly reaches out about next steps.

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