Frequently Asked Questions
Tech Talent
How can I delete my account?

While we hope you never want to delete your account, you can do so via your settings. Another option is to just change your profile status to hidden. This means you won’t be visible to any employers and won’t receive any interview requests. It also means that when you’re ready to actively or passively look for a new role, you can change your status without having to go through the approval process again. 

How do I apply to jobs?

The beauty of Seen is that we match you to jobs based on criteria you set. This means interview requests typically come to you—then you choose whether or not you want to move forward. There’s also an option to proactively apply to jobs. Every Monday, you’ll receive up to 10 new jobs that your profile is a top match for. You’re able to review these roles and let the employer know you’re interested in interviewing with one click.

How does “matching” work?

Our algorithm looks at multiple data points based on what you tell us in your profile and what employers put in their jobs: what you bring to the table, what your preferences are and what the employer brings to the table in order to provide you with roles that are both highly relevant and full of opportunity for where you want your career to go.

How is Seen different than Indeed?

Think of Indeed like a job posting site with all types of jobs across every industry. Seen is a tech talent marketplace that exclusively houses tech jobs. Both job seekers and employers have to be approved to use Seen so that we can do our best to make sure the platform stays all about tech.

How long does it typically take to get hired?

The journey to getting hired is up to you. No, we’re not avoiding the question—we want to make sure you find an opportunity that takes you where you want to go. But we encourage you to be responsive and keep your availability up to date to help keep things moving along.

How much does it cost for me to be on Seen?

It’s totally free. That means zero dollars—even our career coaching services. 

What career coaching services do you provide?

We’ve got career coaching services to help you throughout your career, not just when you’re looking for your next opportunity. You can check out an overview on our Career Coaching page. 

What if I don’t see my exact role?

We use our roles as more of a categorization for matching. If you don’t see your exact tech role, the best thing for you to do is just select the “closest” to your role and put your exact title in your work history and your personal tagline. The skills you select are most important when it comes to matching with the right opportunity. So focus more on including all the skills you have that are relevant for the new role you’re seeking.

What kind of tech roles can I find on Seen?

We have 11 categories and over 57 roles for you to choose from. Categories include IT & support, hardware, BI & data, QA & testing, networking, software engineering, security, DevOps, product management, UX & Design, and tech management. 

What’s Seen’s approval process?

Every application that comes through Seen gets reviewed. First, you fill out the required info in your Seen application—things like your name, contact info, and background. Then, our review team takes a look at your application. Last, you’ll get an email that you’re approved and ready to use Seen. The approval process usually takes less than 48 hours. 

Where do you have roles?

Currently, we have roles based in over 70 cities in the U.S., and 20 cities in Canada, Ireland and the U.K. We also have remote roles available. 

Who can see my profile on Seen?

When you join Seen, you can hide your profile from any employer you choose.

How does “matching” work?

Think about popular dating sites that find your “soulmate” for you. They look at what both parties want—interests, dreams and preferences in order to make sure a couple is truly a match. Our matching for hiring isn’t all that different. We make sure the candidate is right for your role, but also that your role is right for the candidate. And when that’s true, that’s a match.

How responsive are candidates on Seen?

Our candidates have an average 80% response rate1. Which means you get to spend more time actually connecting.

1 Seen by Indeed data (worldwide)

What if I’m looking for candidates outside of your main cities?

While we actively source new candidates in over 70 cities in the U.S., and 20 cities in Canada, Ireland and the U.K., we have candidates all over the country. Candidates provide their exact location when they join Seen, so if there are candidates available in other areas, you can easily contact them. But keep in mind that you’ll likely see a lower volume of candidates in cities outside of core markets.

Where are Seen candidates sourced from?

Our candidates come from’s 250M+ monthly unique visitors2, plus external channels such as tech events and meetups, targeted advertising campaigns, and exclusive access to millions of tech candidate profiles. 

2 Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018

Which subscription is right for me?

That depends on your hiring needs. The biggest difference between our subscription plans is the number of candidate contacts you can make per month. If you’re looking to contact as many candidates you’d like and have multiple tech roles you’re hiring for per year, we recommend a Professional subscription.