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1. Build a winning tech team, faster.

Spend your time where it counts—hiring great tech talent. How do we help?

Our advanced matching algorithm matches your roles with standout tech talent straight to your inbox — automatically.

We believe in pairing tech with humanity—we’ll review and approve tech talent for you across Indeed.com, our ambassador network, and our referral program.

Who are our candidates?

Quality tech talent—with an over 78% response rate*—across over 60 roles in 90+ cities who we review for experience, education and skills.

*Seen by Indeed data (worldwide)

2. Find quality tech talent across over 60 roles in 90+ cities (not just tech hubs) who we review for experience, education and skills.

Tech talent on Seen are ready to make a move—with an over 78% response rate*. Better than who you’ll find with a search bar or another solution.

3. We’ll show off your company.

You’re not just posting a req. We’ll make sure you’re considered by the right talent for your company. We’ll ask tech talent questions that others don’t and we’ll coach you on how to draw them in.

Love the thrill of the search?

Look into our full database of candidates with advanced criteria (e.g., salary, skills, experience) and reach out to your favorites.

4. Scheduling is painless and private.

Shared and private calendars between you and tech talent on Seen make scheduling easy, fast and hassle-free.

With one-click scheduling, you can cut down on sourcing and screening without compromising on quality—and spend your time on hiring.

5. We have the plan that’s right for you—and your company.

Whether you’re a rising startup or an enterprise brand, we’ve got the option for you. Give us some details and we’ll make sure you’ll have the access to Seen that makes sense for you.

6. Go further with every hire

You want to do more than grow your talent pool, and you know first impressions are everything for the candidate and your company.

You’ll get real-time insights on our platform and from our customer success team, including response rates, rejection reasons and contact volume by individuals or your team.