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Try Seen for free and reach out to a few active, change-ready candidates.
  • 5 contacts per month
  • Team collaboration
  • Access active candidates

  • Limited FastMatches per week

Connect with more candidates through additional contacts that roll over.
(Save $1,000)
  • 20 contacts per month
  • Team collaboration and sharing
  • Access active candidates

  • Limited FastMatches per week

  • Up to 120 rollover contacts

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Reach as many candidates as you need (with an expanded talent pool).
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  • Unlimited contacts
  • Team collaboration and sharing
  • Access active and passive candidates

  • Full FastMatch access

  • See full candidate details upfront

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there long-term contracts?

Our annual plans offer a 20% discount, but you’re able to sign up on a month by month basis.

How much does Seen cost per hire?

Our plans allow for unlimited hires, but our Starter and Standard plans limit the number of contacts each user has per month. Our Professional plan has unlimited contacts as well as unlimited hires.

What do you consider an active candidate?

Candidates self-identify as change-ready (Active) or open to the right opportunity (Passive). Starter and Standard plans can view active candidates, and Professional plans can see all candidates.

What is a “contact”?

A contact is outreach you do on the Seen platform. Contact limits mean you have a cap on how many candidates you’re able to reach out to on Seen per month. Starter subscriptions are limited to 5 contacts, Standard subscriptions are limited to 20, and Professional subscriptions have no limit.

Your contacts refresh on your billing date, but you can upgrade at any time if you’d like more contacts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards. If you’d like to pay by direct debit, please contact our sales team.

What’s FastMatch? Does it count towards my contact limit?

FastMatch is your matching assistant that contacts candidates whose profiles are right for your roles. And you can go straight to screening.

If you’re on a subscription with a limited number of contacts, know that communication with FastMatch candidates does not count towards your limit. Starter and Standard subscriptions receive up to 3 FastMatches per week, Professional subscriptions get up to 5 FastMatches per week.