How to evaluate and negotiate your offers

Get the compensation you deserve in your new role.

Buy time to review the offer.
Ask to get your verbal offer in writing so you can consider the full comp package. Also, let the company know you’d like more time to review it (e.g., by the end of next week). If they ask why, you can tell them you want time to make an educated decision or you need to discuss it with your family.

Determine your worth.
Use tools like Indeed Salary and Payscale to get a fair market base rate for your role, level of expertise and location. Search Glassdoor to see if current or former employees of the company have posted their salaries.

Make a list of pros and cons.
Consider the day-to-day role and work environment, benefits/perks, salary, commute, career growth opportunities, and anything else that’s important to you. Use our needs/wants worksheet to track and compare pros/cons of roles you’re considering.

Request a call to counteroffer.
After reviewing your written offer, email your contact, express enthusiasm for the opportunity and ask for a call to discuss it. Negotiating salary over the phone lets you show your gratitude, explain your reasoning and maintain a positive relationship.

Tip: Book a free salary negotiation coaching call as soon as you schedule an interview with a company. Negotiations can begin during your first talk with a recruiter.

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