Prep smarter for your whiteboard interview

Use these tips to ace your technical coding interview.

Pick a specific language.
Ask your recruiter if you need to know a specific programming language for your interview. If not, pick the one you’re most comfortable with—preferably a widely readable language like Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ or Ruby.

Get comfortable coding on a whiteboard.
By practicing on a real whiteboard, you get used to writing code by hand, without the help of an IDE. You can also practice thinking out loud, which helps your interviewer understand the code you’re writing and your thought process.

Brush up on time and space complexity analysis.
Review the space/time complexity tradeoffs of fundamental data structures and algorithms, including: lists, stacks, queues, trees, sets, heaps, maps, sorting, traversals and string concatenation. This comes in hand if the interviewer asks you to optimize your solutions.

Practice, practice, practice.
It’s key to a successful interview. Use these sites to practice coding problems, and try different levels of difficulty to get you prepped:

Project Euler –
LeetCode –
InterviewBit –
HackRank –

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