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About Red Ventures

  • Red Ventures is a portfolio of digital companies that connects consumers to brands through tailored experiences
  • Spans industries working with brands including, Healthline and Higher Education


  • Scale faster and stand out in a competitive market where demand outweighs supply
  • Reach a larger tech candidate pool in a non-traditional tech hub


  • Received 2.8X the applications for front-end developers than when sourcing on any other platform
  • Hired over a dozen tech candidates in less than 12 months (more than when using all other tools combined)
  • Narrowed down on the right candidates faster using Seen’s advanced matching algorithm

Looked for a new credit card recently? Tried to maximize your airline miles? Researching a new purchase? Chances are, Red Ventures has helped. 

With massive growth in the last several years, Red Ventures is a portfolio of digital companies that help connect consumers to brands through tailored experiences. Tech plays a critical role in Red Ventures’ business, not only helping to connect consumers to brands, but empowering them to make the best purchase decisions for their needs. Along with a huge presence in the finance space with properties like and The Points Guy, Red Ventures spans a number of industries, including healthcare, education and reviews sites such as Healthline, Higher Education and 

As a portfolio of digital companies, tech talent is core to building successful digital platforms and products, as well as the technology that will help to market them to consumers. 

Red Ventures offers a huge range of opportunities across verticals, skills, languages and departments. For example, while some engineers work on developing the products offered by each digital property, others might work with data science teams to create bidding tools for the company’s paid search and social marketing activities. For Red Ventures, it’s not just about hiring the right talent – they make it a priority to provide meaningful experiences, interesting work and exciting opportunities at every stage of their employees’ careers.

Sustaining growth with talent 

Like virtually every company, Red Ventures vies for talent in a candidate’s market. Unemployment is low and the need for tech is at an all-time high, making it a highly competitive market that can be challenging to stand out in

Adding to that, up until two years ago Red Ventures was hiring primarily in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the tech candidate pool was more limited than traditional tech hubs. While Charlotte is now an emerging tech hub, relocation remains a necessity for many roles and adds yet another hurdle to the hiring challenge. 

‘We’re hamstrung if we don’t have the right people and frameworks to go after the next initiative. We need top talent to go after new opportunities’

David Gordon

While the company excelled in a unique approach to find candidates ‘in the wild’, monitoring and starting conversations with potential conversations on Github, AngelList and Dribbble to build a pipeline, Red Ventures turned to Seen by Indeed to scale faster. 

Finding the right people to build the future of Red Ventures

At the beginning of 2019, Red Ventures partnered with Seen, bringing on 20 users across three tech recruiting specialties — Software/Front-end Engineering, IT Operations and Data Science. In less than 12 months, Seen helped Red Ventures hire over a dozen tech candidates — more than they’d hired all year on all other tools combined

‘It was much easier to find quality candidates who are ready to make a move.’

David Gordon

Red Ventures found particular success building a deep pool of high quality candidates who were ready to make career changes with the help of Seen by Indeed. 

Because Seen highlights active candidates, Red Ventures had more direct conversations with the right candidates with less effort. For example, the application yield that Red Ventures experienced for front-end developers was 2.8X higher compared to the yield from other sourcing platforms.

‘On another platform, we may spend a ton of time up front doing due diligence and schmoozing candidates, only to find that they’re happy where they’re at and not willing to make a move. But on Seen, the candidates indicate greater intent and seriousness about their job search.’

David Gordon

As Red Ventures added their jobs, they began to narrow down the right candidates faster. By adding their role criteria, Seen automatically presented Red Ventures recruiters with candidates that had the skills and experience they were looking for, without the manual lift of trying to figure out the right set of keywords. 

Helping build the future of tech recruiting

Seen is not just a sourcing tool, but a full hiring solution backed by a team dedicated to our clients’ success. 

Each month, Red Ventures met with Dan, their Seen Client Success Manager, to strategize challenging hires and work through user feedback. This relationship allowed for open and honest feedback shared and addressed quickly. For example, Red Ventures shared valuable suggestions on ways to improve the Seen interface, which were incorporated in product updates the following month. 

But the relationship doesn’t just focus on how things are working today; more recently, Red Ventures has been involved in providing feedback on evolutions of the Seen platform. This included early access to filtering tools that would enable Red Ventures to hone in on more accurate candidate matches much faster and more easily. While Seen helps with hiring needs today, clients like Red Ventures help shape the Seen platform in the years ahead to fulfill our mission of bringing people fulfillment in their tech careers.  

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