[UK/IE] Profile tips for new graduates & junior talent

Show up in more matches and employer searches.

Customize your tagline.
Your tagline is one of the first things an employer sees when they find your profile. In 200 characters or less, talk about—what you do (IT-specific, key skills) and the role you’re seeking.

Ex. MSc. graduate in Computer Science with an interest in web development. Skilled in Java, Python and Javascript; looking for a Junior Developer role in London.

Now’s the time to stand out. Use this cheat sheet to help you write a powerful, eye-catching tagline.

Max out your skills section.
Skills are one of the main ways employers find you on Seen. List your technical skills, following the experience levels (see below).

Focus on key strengths (3-5 skills) at the intermediate level. Add any technologies or skills learned in university at the beginner level. Don’t be shy—you can list up to 21.

Build out your work history.
Use this section to highlight any commercial, internship, university or personal projects that promote your technical experience. Ensure you list the key tech you used in your descriptions. See format tips below:

The start year and grad year aren’t visible to employers. Include years of attendance by adding them again in parentheses—in the Field of Study box. E.g., Computer Science (2014 – 2018)

Additional sections.
We can add additional sections to your profile such as Certificates or your Work Style Assessment results. Contact your Career Coach to make these insights visible to employers.

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