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Information Security Operations Analyst
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Why are you passionate about your field/role?

Hands-on opportunity and becoming more well-rounded. Everyday is something new. Working in cybersecurity means that I get to find creative and new solutions to problems that I encounter in the workplace.

What does “going further” mean to you in your career?

Going further, to me, means being able to validate my current skill set as well as pick up new skills. It also means having a workplace that supports further education and training to help me be my best.

What drove you to look for a new role?

I felt that my previous roles were not hands on and very limiting to me in my ability to learn new skills and gain experience in different sectors of my field. I also felt that my new degree was not being utilized.

How did Seen help in your job search?

Seen made my job hunting more streamlined. It was helpful that it took my skill set and matched it with what an employer was looking for. It also helped that employers could see my availability to engage in an interview.

What excites you about your new company/role?

I am excited to finally have the opportunity to be hands on with new tools and at the same time the company is in a commercial space and this means the speed is a lot faster paced which is exciting. The company also has new business objectives that I had never encountered since I had been working for government contractors before.

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