Brian's story
Cloud Engineer
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What’s your background? Career aspirations?

I am Microsoft Certified Professional and systems engineer. I am from Mexico and I have worked in tech since I was in high school.

What triggered your job search? What drew you to Seen?

I came to the US to study leadership and improve my English skills. Then I decided to stay and pursue a career in tech here. At the beginning this was so frustrating, because I could not find any tech jobs. I worked as a delivery guy, and for being an engineer coming from a huge tech company such as Microsoft, it was kind of a challenge.

How did Seen ease your job search?

Indeed is a great platform to find jobs and submit my resume. It took me like 6 months to get a job but it was worth it.

What excites you most about your new role?

Learn and share my expertise with my coworkers. I love technology and I am excited about it.

Tips for fellow tech job seekers?

Create a great resume, and, if possible, create a professional website for yourself to explain more in detail your capabilities and past projects—just to show off.

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