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Why are you passionate about your field/role?

Data science/machine learning are hugely popular areas for a number of reasons, but my passion comes from bringing these frameworks and technologies into sectors that historically have not implemented them. I find great enjoyment and fulfillment in helping to revolutionize areas by integrating state-of-the-art machine learning and data science approaches to assist and empower decision makers to maximize their company’s potential.

What does “going further” mean to you in your career?

Going further means being the best possible data scientist I can be and continually refining/enhancing my skillset. If I’m not improving myself and helping others do the same, then that means I am stagnant.

What drove you to look for a new role?

I worked previously as a freelancer, but quickly discovered that my best work is produced in close collaboration with others who share my passions and goals. I was looking for a role where I could exercise broad control over product innovation while working together with a team of like-minded individuals whose talents complement and improve mine.

How did Seen help in your job search?

Of all the services that Seen provided, the ones that occurred before ever meeting the company’s representatives were the most helpful: resume review and interview preparation. Before I started using Seen, my response rate for applications was ~1 in every 12. After 3 very good sessions with my coach who helped me radically revise everything, I ended up getting responses for ~1 in 4 applications. My stats in summary: Pre-Seen – 3/37 interview invitations. Post-Seen – 12/41 interview invitations. The interview preparation also helped me be much more comfortable and relaxed, which made me able to connect on a more personal level with my interviewers.

What excites you about your new company/role?

Ephesoft decided to significantly expand its internal data science team to address the growing need for an industry revolution. I am deeply excited about my opportunity to help define the structure, growth and design of the company’s data science principals and objectives. There is a skyscraper of potential within the company to build, and right now I am on the ground floor with a hammer and box of tools. I look forward to driving innovation in a meaningful way.

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