Jonathan's story
Senior Software Engineer
Hired by Plateau Software

What’s your background? Career aspirations?

I have been doing .NET development for about 10 years. I’m now looking to evolve my career into thought-leadership and R&D style positions where I can help others grow.

What triggered your job search? What drew you to Seen?

I  reached the end of a contract and was open to a change of scenery, so I started a job search. I had put my resume into Indeed and received an invitation to Seen.

How did Seen ease your job search?

Seen let me keep track of my interview calendar, and significantly increased my visibility to employers. I got job interview requests nearly every day. I felt like Seen did a better than average job of catering to me and my skillset with appropriately targeted job positions.

What excites you most about your new role?

The new job that I got with the help of Seen has provided me with exciting new challenges, and is allowing me to experience personal and career growth through leadership opportunities. These skills are ones I had been wanting to work on for several years, and I know they’ll only help my options in future job hunts.

Tips for fellow tech job seekers?

An unfortunate experience across any job search platform occasionally arises when the individual who wrote the job posting doesn’t have a thorough understanding of the job and its requirements. The main ways I’ve found to combat this are to thoroughly read the brief, listen very carefully during the interview, and ask a lot of questions to feel out whether their expectations match up with yours. Then, be up front and clear about your abilities. Finally, I think it’s very important in this industry to always, always be learning.

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