Karl's story
Senior Clinical Analyst
Hired by

Why are you passionate about your field/role?

I found the perfect job that challenges me on a daily basis. I am able to help make members healthier while performing my daily duties. I am constantly challenged and love all that I am learning along the way!

What does “going further” mean to you in your career?

It means providing the ultimate level service so our members receive the best care possible. By going further, I am able to positively impact members lives and help to make sure they receive needed care in a timely manner.

What drove you to look for a new role?

I was unchallenged in my previous role. My previous role was very boring and did not inspire me to even want to come to work.

How did Seen help in your job search?

I found my position on Seen and was able to apply and ultimately got the job! The insights I gained about the position through Seen helped me to know quite a bit about the position before I even applied, which helped a lot.

What excites you about your new company/role?

I can grow and learn new things while helping members live their best lives. I am able to use my existing skills, while learning many new skills. The skills I am gaining will definitely profit me in the future and will help me to advance within my current company. I am definitely excited to see how far I can go!

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