Michelle's story
System Support Analyst
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Why are you passionate about your field/role?

This role presents an amazing opportunity for me to enhance my skill set and grown with an innovative organization. I feel this new chapter in my life will be an awesome adventure and will open lots of new doors.

What does “going further” mean to you in your career?

“Going further” to me means that my input is taken seriously. I’m challenged to grow and I can help others to grow in the process and most importantly that I am valued. I am looking forward to the challenge.

What drove you to look for a new role?

I was laid off from my previous employer of 7 years and after numerous rejections or no responses this opportunity presented itself.

How did Seen help in your job search?

I actually did not get this opportunity via Seen but I interviewed with a company that saw my profile on Seen and actually came close to being hired. That company pushed me to prepare better for the next interview. I appreciate what Seen/Indeed is doing for the job seeker in transition and the job seeker in general.

What excites you about your new company/role?

I relocated to a new place and I’m with an awesome company. This role is an industry shift for me but so far everyone I have encountered is great. I’m fueling the anxiousness and turning it into a motivational tool. I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity. I look forward to helping someone else in transition.

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