Richard's story
Software Engineer
Hired by InRhythm

What’s your background? Career aspirations?

I’m just (officially) starting my career as a software engineer, thanks to Seen. I was in customer service before, and I wasn’t really happy. I started studying software engineering independently about 4-5 years ago while I was still in customer service, and I loved it. I eventually attended a bootcamp 2 years ago, and after spending about a year doing freelance projects and building my portfolio, I got my first full time job as a software engineer on Seen.

What triggered your job search? What drew you to Seen?

I wanted a career change because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing before and the job search process was very difficult for me because I didn’t have corporate work experience as a software engineer or a CS degree. So it was hard to find companies that were interested in having a conversation with me to give me the chance to showcase my skills. Seen made it much easier for me to find employers that were looking for applicants with my skill set and experience level.

How did Seen ease your job search?

Seen made the job search process painless. I described my skills and what I was looking for in a job and an employer, and employers were able to gauge their interest in me based on those facts. I feel like it saves both employers and applicants a lot of time.

What excites you most about your new role?

I’m excited to learn from more senior developers and work with new programming languages and frameworks.

Tips for fellow tech job seekers?

My top tips for fellow tech job seekers would probably be don’t be discouraged by rejection and don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.

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