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Application Engineer
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Why are you passionate about your field/role?

Being an application engineer allows me to bridge my love of customer service with a highly technical role. I interact with my end-users on a fairly frequent basis and I am architecting and designing solutions at the same time.

What does “going further” mean to you in your career?

Moving into more and more complex technical roles but, at the same time, remaining end-user focused. While moving into a management role is always a possibly, it isn’t necessarily a requirement for me.

What drove you to look for a new role?

My last role, while an exciting challenge, was not a good fit—both in terms of the work and the actual location. My new role is as near perfect as role can be and I couldn’t be happier.

How did Seen help in your job search?

Using Seen literally got me and my profile “seen.” I was contacted by the recruiter and within a week I was phone screened, interviewed in person and was hired. I highly recommend it to other persons.

What excites you about your new company/role?

A fairly long list actually. The location, the work I am doing, the team dynamics—I feel like I have worked here for years and its only been two months—and sense of accomplishment I leave each day with. Out of all of those reasons I think it’s the sense of accomplishment that means the most and excites me the most about the position. That is very rare to find in IT.

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