What’s your background? Career aspirations?

I have a background in computer systems and electrical engineering from RPI, and I’m currently working on an online Master’s from Georgia Tech. Long term I want to be a manager and maybe a director who gives demos and tech talks at large events.

What triggered your job search? What drew you to Seen?

My previous job at Oracle seemed stale in terms of prospects and salary, so I wanted a change. Reviewing for interviews was challenging, and I chose Seen due to a friend’s recommendation.

How did Seen ease your job search?

Seen did a good job of bringing jobs and interviews to me. The scheduling process was simple and it didn’t seem like Indeed was trying to benefit themselves more than me, like many staffing firms do.

What excites you most about your new role?

I’m excited to be using new technologies and be in a faster paced scrum environment.

Tips for fellow tech job seekers?

Study up well for interviews, and if a company uses a certain technology, it’d be useful to learn or brush up on it for an interview. Even if you aren’t proficient in it, the effort it takes to familiarize yourself with a language looks good to hiring managers.