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Technical Business Analyst
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What’s your background? Career aspirations?

I graduated from the University of Houston with a PhD in Geophysics. I also enrolled in Georgia Tech in a Computer Science Master’s degree. I want to find positions related to machine learning and full stack development.

What triggered your job search? What drew you to Seen?

My PhD research was in the direction of oil and gas exploration. But I find that oil and gas is a sunset industry. I want to be involved in the development of human beings, the internet of things, AI, big data, etc. But the biggest challenging is as a job seeker without Computer Science background (even though I am halfway through a CS Master’s degree), it’s really hard to get interview. That’s why I selected Seen, which gives a coding test and background check first to determine if the candidate can be added in the Seen talent pool.

How did Seen ease your job search?

Seen is really easy to use and saved me lots of time. Unlike other job search websites, jobs search for you instead of you searching jobs. You just need to update your recent information and go through the tests. After that, the only thing you need to do is to decide which interview you accept and which to decline.

What excites you most about your new role?

My new job is Technical Business Analyst, which will need full stack development ability and also machine learning knowledge for data analysis. This is a challenging role for me, but I am really excited that I can learn much more and also have opportunity to get business sense for self-improvement.

Tips for fellow tech job seekers?

First, prepare for algorithm coding. Trust me, this is the basic rule of almost every tech job. Then, use Seen to make your life much easier.

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