AI Speech Engineer - Orange County, CA.

Machine Learning Engineer in Orange County, CA

Posted 2019-09-24

Job Summary
As a part of Masimo’s Algorithm Engineering group you will perform research and development of
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Speech Synthesis hardware and software. Your expertise in
novel Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques is needed to
enable voice recognition and synthesis capabilities on Masimo medical devices to improve the user
experience and minimize the risk of pathogen transfer through touch interfaces. You will engage with
various groups such as software, hardware and systems to ensure that these algorithms can be practically
deployed with high accuracies with minimal resource usage and maximum ease of use in existing and
future Masimo products.
Duties & Responsibilities
 Designing, training and verifying machine learning models focused on speech recognition and
 Hardware architecture design and optimization of signal processing, acoustic and language models on
server and distributed edge devices.
 Architecting Natural language processing (NLP) systems for large-scale knowledge extraction, NL
understanding, NL generation, question-answering.
 Quickly prototype new ideas/technologies to create proof of concept and demos.
 Contribute to the organization’s strong drive to be on the cutting edge of technology through the
generation of patentable ideas.
 Effectively communicate with engineering and marketing teams.
 Delivering high quality software design, documentation and implementation.
Minimum Qualifications
 B.S. degree in Computer Science.
 Experience with voice recognition and synthesis.
 Experience with AI frameworks such as: Tensorflow, Keras, etc.
 Experience in Python and C++.
 Experience with embedded and distributed computer systems.
 Familiarity with AI algorithms for problems, like regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality
reduction, structured output etc.
 Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Preferred Qualifications
 Ph.D. or M.S. degree in Computer Science specialized in AI/ML/NLP/ASR/ Deep Learning.
 3+ years of industrial experience in ASR/AI/ML/NLP/Deep Learning.

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