NIAH Recruiting

Data Scientist (Blockchain Analysis)

Data Scientist in New York, NY

Posted 2019-11-19

Roles & Responsibilities
We are looking to strengthen our core team with a creative talent extremely sharp at:
• Making sense of raw data
• Building algorithms to transform them into actionable information
• Finding new data sources to respond to our customers’ business needs.
Previous experience of processing data creatively to address a problematic (business or research) is needed.

Hard skills:
Programming languages C++ (mandatory) Javascript (node js.) Python
Algorithms knowledge
Graph traversal
Shortest path
Dynamic Programming
Minimum spanning tree
Programming skills:
Basic of programming
Use of data structures
OO developments
Test-driven development
Search & sort algorithms on data
Exception handling
Multi-threading, race conditions & deadlock
Memory management
Machine learning
Regression, logistic regression
Hidden Markov Models
Conditional Random Field Matrix/ Tensor Factorization
KNN(K-nearest neighbors)
Decision Trees
Graphical Models
Core values – soft skills:
Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
Open-mindedness: Willing to consider ideas and opinions that are different from your own.
Team–player: “Community before individuals”.
Adaptability: Striving for new challenges.
Trust: Knowing that we are all driven by the same values, we trust each other.
Communication: Not just about finding the right words to express yourself but finding the right way for the person listening to understand what you want to share.

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