DevOps Engineer

Devops in San Francisco, CA

Posted 2019-08-22

About the Role:
We are looking for DevOps engineers to deal with the challenge of designing and maintaining a fault tolerant system that handles thousands of connected IoT devices and mobile apps at scale.
Our stack is primarily Ruby, Rails, Go, Javascript, PostgreSQL and Redis. We're currently hosted on Heroku and AWS. We run tests on CircleCI. You’d help us build our next generation infrastructure as we scale out towards a more fault tolerant and distributed system.

The Team:
Our engineering team consists of engineers that are passionate about creating finely polished and intuitive experiences and, at the same time, obsess over performance and reliability of what we build. We challenge the status quo and strive towards finding the best way to solve problems.
We promote being a more well rounded engineer by working on different parts of the engineering stack. We also work in very small groups to keep processes and overhead low, so we have a lot of trust and accountability to perform the work required to build the best product.

- Collaborate with backend developers to built efficient, flexible deployment tools
- Setup and manage monitoring for critical system services
- Apply security best practices across the organization
- Write command line tools in Ruby or Go to support daily development work
- Stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in cloud-based infrastructure
- Implement and improve integration testing suites for backend and mobile teams
- Design and implement a fault-tolerant, distributed transaction system

- Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in supporting backend development of Ruby on Rails or Go services
- Proven experience writing systems tooling in Go or similar languages
- You have worked with a team of people to support a product, end-to-end
- You understand relational database systems and schema design
- You’ve worked with MySQL or Postgresql at scale, understanding how to configure them, optimise queries and apply advanced performance improvements like table partitioning
- You can explain the CAP theorem and understand tradeoffs in distributed systems design
- You’ve worked with service orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, or the Hashicorp stack, and understand their primitives
- Ideally, you’ve worked with non-relational datastores like Kafka or etcd and understand use cases for them

Benefits & Perks
- Opportunity to join a fast-growing startup and help shape and establish the company’s industry leadership
- Competitive health benefits
- Daily catered lunch in our SF office
- Unlimited PTO for salaried roles
- Commuter stipend plus pre-tax benefits
- Monthly cell phone bill stipend
-Wellness perk for salaried roles

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