Hawaiian Airlines

DevOps Engineer

Devops in Phoenix, AZ

Posted 2019-09-10

Our DevOps Engineers are the developers who build the tooling and processes to help other developers.

A strong, well tested & reliable platform helps developers focus on business needs. Easy to use systems with self-service, automated or well documented interfaces help developers rapidly become and stay productive.

And a collaborative method of building the tooling ensures the solutions are always current and map well to developer and application needs.

Key Responsibilities

Strive to improve both developer and operations productivity: scripting what can be scripted, documenting what should be documented, and working collaboratively with all groups to help them get running on high quality platforms
Provide guidance to other teams regarding DevOps best practices
Actively research new automation and management technology and bring it to bear for Hawaiian Airlines
Act as the subject matter experts on core platform and tooling, with senior engineers setting the long-term roadmaps and leading teams to constantly add to and improve the platform
Focus on internal and external customer requirements
Document and communicate assigned work and progress to immediate project team, and management
Communicate problems or issues in a timely manner
Support the organization’s project management policy, practice and methodology
Analyze and resolve problems of normal complexity
Research and recommend alternative actions for problem resolution
Comply with project management methodology requirements as appropriate
Assist less senior Developers when performing system and acceptance testing
Test and implement system and enhancements using techniques that preserve system integrity
Responsible for immediate response to production program problems
Other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of professional work experience and education
2+ years work experience in Information Technology or business environment
Strong written and verbal skills as much of the work will be in highly collaborative environments
Hands on, professional experience building and supporting CI/CD pipelines
Proficient knowledge of scripting or programming languages
Professional experience deploying to and maintaining apps in one of the big three cloud providers (i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure)
Experience creating and maintaining infrastructure using configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, puppet, Salt, Chef, etc.)
Professional experience with IaC tooling (e.g. Terraform, Cloud Formations, Azure templates, etc.)
Experience with Web technologies and the infrastructure needed to support web applications (e.g. reverse proxies, application load balancers, CDNs, networks, layer7 firewalls, TLS certs, web servers, etc.)
Experience with Docker and related container management systems (e.g. Swarm / Kubernetes)
Experience with Linux administration
Experience with secrets management and how to appropriately segregate build, environment and run time parameters and feed them into applications with the appropriate tooling
Desire and ability to keep up to date on latest automation, testing and monitoring technologies and bring them to true production readiness for our stack
Knowledge of various DBMS technologies -- both sql and nosql -- with the ability to write and understand basic queries
Experience with monitoring, managing & troubleshooting distributed systems such as those found in a micro service architecture
Is knowledgeable of the Software Development Life Cycle process and actively participates in it
Does not require daily oversight to perform coding/design/testing duties
Proficient knowledge of software development practice, concepts, and technology obtained through formal training and work experience
Ability, within a specific technology area to independently complete root-cause analysis, design solutions, write code, perform testing, provide documentation, and implement medium size development projects or major components of large projects
Preferred Qualifications

B.S./B.A. in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems
Understands the core business processes involved in their area of expertise

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