Northern Light Group

DevOps Engineer in Boston, MA

Devops in Boston, MA

Posted 2019-03-25

We are seeking a DevOps/Systems Engineer for our Boston, MA location to administer our highly available custom-built search platform of over 20 applications operating terabytes of data, hundreds of servers and multiple database clusters in our private data centers and in the Google Cloud. You are passionate about identifying constraints/bottlenecks in engineering lifecycles and automating them in a culture of collaboration and transparency. You will use multiple toolsets to build fully automated CI/CD pipelines with a focus on automating database, code, security, monitoring and infrastructure deployments. You will design and create master consoles to monitor the performance of networks and computer systems, coordinating computer network access and use. You will administer routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, software deployment, security updates and patches. You will be responsible for creating design specifications and preparing technical documentation. You will work with the development team to design and implement appropriate hosting environments for applications protecting data, software, networks, and hardware from attacks. You will monitor performance and make adjustments to maximize speed and scale, conferring with the development team to identify potential issues and solve problems.
As a DevOps/Systems Engineer, you’ll be responsible for:
Providing technical expertise and creating automation/DevOps solutions to complex and business and technical problems
Designing and implementing tools that can help automate release, deployment, monitoring and operations activities using DevOps best practices
Building and maintaining test and production infrastructure based on an understanding of Northern Light's systems and software
Effectively communicating your designs, implementation and test plans within the team and across other groups within the company
Designing and implementing rapid deployments and monitoring systems for internal and production environments using DevOps best practices

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