Engineering Team Leader

Engineering Manager in Toronto, ON

Posted 2020-01-09

We are extremely eager to hire for inclusion. We strive for a balanced team because we know this will have a huge impact on innovation and quality.

Born at Y Combinator in Silicon Valley, the incubator that helped develop Airbnb, Dropbox, and DoorDash, Taplytics envisions a world where every digital experience is as unique as you are.

To make that vision a reality, our software helps customers like Zappos, CBS, Equinox and RBC run A/B experiments on their mobile applications and marketing campaigns. Once armed with the results of these experiments, product managers and marketers can orchestrate personalized, incredibly impactful customer journeys—whether that means customizing the text in an email, the design of a mobile app, or the timing of a push notification. This way, each and every customer gets the custom treatment they deserve.

About the Role: Engineering Team Lead

As our new Engineering Team Lead, you’ll get to lead and manage a team of 3-6 software developers working together to build something we’re all proud of. Taplytics will rely on you to deliver both technical requirements and the individual growth of your team members.

Here’s a breakdown:

Leadership: You'll motivate, coach, mentor, and grow a team of developers, ensuring they feel that they are advancing in their roles and know what they need to do to succeed.

Team Delivery: You’ll help the team accomplish its objectives with precision and speed using an Agile mindset. You will collaborate closely with your partners in Design and Product Management to build a roadmap for your team and contribute to the prioritization of business goals and technical direction.

Personal Delivery: This is a technical role! You’ll remain a contributor to the codebase, aiming to spend around 50% of your time writing and reviewing code.

Our microservice architecture was built using Node.js, Python, and Go and is powered by various backend systems, including: MongoDB, BigQuery, Redis, Kafka, and ElasticSearch. We run at petabyte scale delivering experiences to billions of devices, requiring unique scaling solutions. Our systems are hosted across AWS / GCP using Docker and Terraform. We iterate and improve our systems and workflows regularly to improve how we develop code with a focus on producing the best product possible.

What we’d like you to do:
- Accelerate the team by focusing them on the highest priorities and removing roadblocks
- Contribute to the codebase, technical tasks, and code reviews
- Focus on quality with continuous integration and deployment
- Meet regularly with team members to give and gather feedback on topics ranging from project progress, internal processes, career development, mentoring, and general satisfaction
- Help set team goals and technical direction while ensuring that they align with the goals of the business
- Represent the team in planning and product meetings
- Actively work to inform and be informed, keeping all stakeholders up to date
- Own Agile ceremonies such as iteration planning, backlog grooming, stand-ups, demos, and retrospectives
- Improve team processes and policies such as team meetings, tech debt management, and education programs
- Participate in the recruiting and onboarding process for the team
- Be a core member of a close-knit engineering team that ships code continuously
- Be accountable for overall team output

What an incredible candidate looks like:
- At least 5 years experience in the field
- At least 2 years experience working in a leadership capacity whether it’s managing a team or mentoring/coaching Senior Developers
- Excellent technical proficiency especially with Node and/or React
- Experience with high volume, high availability systems
- Great to get along with and can communicate complex technical issues
- Experience deploying and maintaining continuous integration and deployment

What you’ll get from us:
At Taplytics, our small team works with some of the world’s best-known brands on very complex technical challenges. That means that as a Tapper, you’ll be doing high-impact work that’ll add considerable weight to your resume.

The future at Taplytics is extremely bright, and by joining us at this early stage, you’ll be getting the opportunity to help us build and grow a company that we can all be proud of. Apply now and come join the fun!

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