Senior Full Stack Engineer, Remote

Software Developer in Toronto, ON

Posted 2019-04-22

About Bounties Network:

Bounties have existed for thousands of years as a tool to incentivize the completion of tasks; now the Bounties Network creates an open platform to manage bounties on all tasks, paying in any Ethereum token. We’ve seen lots of traction in the freelancing space (dev tasks, design), as well as people using bounties to shape community behaviour more broadly, such as our Bounty for the Oceans experiment. Since our launch in 2017 the marketplace has facilitated more than $500K in transactions, and have seen consistent user growth as people realize all of the new ways that incentives can reshape shape behavior.

Responsibilities: A day in the life of a Full Stack Engineer
Having ownership over the code and being able to make crucial decisions to architect the application with a forward-looking perspective
Actively participating in the design, development, and review of the code base
Willingness to learn new tools as the Ethereum ecosystem evolves and matures
Managing our servers and DevOps related tasks
Monitoring and supporting 24/7 applications and services
Willingness and ability to travel (Hackathons, conferences, etc)

2+ years engineering experience with a proven history of shipping production code
Experience with Python and Django
Experience with React/Redux
Experience with docker, kubernetes, and AWS
Experience in blockchain is not necessary; we're happy to teach you the web3 side of things if you are an expert in building non-blockchain web applications
The ideal candidate for this position is someone who's hungry, who ships code, and isn't afraid of getting their hands dirty with new technologies. We're looking for someone who can grow into a more senior position on the team over time, but for now we want to keep the team as lean as possible.
About the ConsenSys Mesh
ConsenSys is a venture production studio and the leading technology firm in blockchain globally. We deliver products, solutions and platforms built using blockchain technology to transform how business is done in a complex network of buyers, suppliers and consumers.

Our teams are busy at work building the future of identity, financial markets, commerce, the music industry, security, infrastructure, and more. To accomplish this we've built out a flat organizational structure which we call the ConsenSys Mesh: a network of individuals & teams working autonomously towards the same goal.

Our mission is to use these decentralized solutions to fundamentally reshape the economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet.
Are you passionate about decentralizing our future and taking control of how we evolve? Then join us! We are seeking passionate, determined, and resilient individuals who thrive in a self-directed, collaborative culture. Our technology is transforming global society and humanity - we welcome you to this exciting opportunity.
Perks of the Mesh
A dynamic startup environment. ConsenSys is a leader with vision in the blockchain space and we are absorbing a significant portion of the attention. This is both exciting and challenging, as we learn to scale our organization while adhering to the principles of decentralization.
Unlimited vacation
Decentralized culture. We offer a new way of structuring an organization: holacratic (non-hierarchical) meaning you are free from hierarchical restraints, working in an environment that truly encourages all levels of collaboration.
Remote work
Global reach. Connect with brilliant minds across 6 continents as we continue to grow and build a diversified culture.
Opportunities for the Decentralized Future
The forefront of a revolution. At ConsenSys we fundamentally believe that the next generation of technology presents an opportunity to craft a more just and equitable society.
Continuous learning. You’ll be constantly exposed to new languages, frameworks and ideas from your peers and as you work on different projects -- challenging you to stay at the top of your game.
Deep technical challenges. The entire ecosystem is about 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler. For these platforms to scale to the order of millions or billions of users we have much work ahead. The team at ConsenSys is building technology platforms that can get us to those next thresholds of scale.
Entrepreneurial opportunities. We are always encouraging our community to push the boundaries with innovative dApps.

ConsenSys is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. We are committed to ensuring that our technology is made available and accessible to everyone. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, religion, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, family status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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