Senior Hardware Specialist

Hardware Engineer in Omaha, NE

Posted 2019-05-02

Title: Senior Hardware Specialist or (Team Lead)

Reports to: Hardware Manager

Job Function Overview:
The Senior Hardware Specialist is responsible for guiding and advancing the day-to-day installation process of medium to large-scale data center computer and network hardware under the direction the Hardware Manager. The Senior Hardware Specialist handles upgrades to servers and network hardware, compatibility testing of new hardware before it is put into production, maintains and upgrades components of hardware and network devices such as network cards, cables, routers, NIC cards, and other connectivity devices. The Senior Hardware Specialist knows the design of computer and network hardware, CPU’s, mother boards, power supplies, network cards, memory and all other associated components used in a data center.

• Coordinates and advances the computer hardware and network installations, process development, Client interface with regard to installations and services to rack mount of servers and peripherals into the cabinets on the raised-floor and performs fiber and copper cable management within the server cabinets
• Knowledgeable with Mainframe installations and terminology including understanding of Hexadecimal and I/O GEN reports to properly patch mainframes.
• Coordination with clients to perform computer upgrades such as memory, disk, CPUs, and peripheral cards utilizing the strict change control processes
• Assist in developing and maintaining a strong, proactive problem/event management process. Develop processes, techniques and training programs to strengthen the Facilities Services and Hardware department to adhere to strict control practices in a mission-critical datacenter environment
• Log, analyze and promptly take steps to resolve and/or escalate problems experienced by internal and external clients. Focus on activities that facilitate root cause analysis and predict and/or reduce future problems
• Maintain total control of raised floor management and installations
• Define the locations of different types of equipment in the cabinet layout.
• Performs, supervises and maintains copper and fiber cable plants to include FICON, ESCON, Fiber Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet using sub-floor and overhead conveyance in the datacenter.
• Coordinate electrical installations and participates in cabinet and raised floor power requirements, procurement and installation, electrical hookup, cooling capacity, etc.
• Understands hardware cooling requirements and works with hot and cold air containment, floor tile cuts and vent tiles to facilitate proper cooling.
• Participates in procurement of all required equipment (Copper/Fiber PP, copper/fiber cables, power strips cabinet rail kits and shelves) for cabinet build outs and readiness
• Define and manage the appropriate types of copper and fiber patch cables attaching to the servers.
• Server Installation using standard MAP (Methods and Procedures) and cabling standards
• Work along with internal and external clients to proactively identify capacity requirements. Make recommendations to enhance the reliability, availability, and performance of the computer center and components within.
• Develop and maintain documentation and processes to reflect up-to-date and accurate systems infrastructures capacities all times.
• Maintain a high level of proficiency and in-depth knowledge related to the activities of the hardware team on an ongoing basis.

Knowledge and Skills Required:
Technical Qualifications: The Hardware Specialist must have proficient working knowledge of raised floor management, computer and network installations in a medium to large-scale computer center environment. They can define the physical layouts of cabinets that contain servers, network hardware, disk, tape, and the technology that is required to satisfy client needs. They are able to provide for short and long term raised floor plans for business growth within the Data Centers. They are knowledgeable of fiber and copper cable legacy and current technologies and infrastructure. They must be able to coordinate electrical installations for the equipment with the Facility Specialists.

Education and/or Experience:
An Associate to Bachelor degree or a combination of education and technical work experience is preferred. Some experience in a lead role within a large-scale operations and hardware environment, and must have at least seven years working experience working in a medium to large-scale computer center environment. Training and experience working with the internals of computer hardware is required. A+ certification and advanced certification in server and networking, is desired.

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