Senior Software Engineer

Software Developer in Austin, TX

Posted 2019-07-17

Who Is AppSumo:
We serve over 1 million entrepreneurs through our ecosystem and helped launch over 1,000 businesses. Our founder is #30 from facebook, #3 at Mint. We hire top talent from Microsoft, Google and many other elite teams.

Here at AppSumo, we can work when we want, wherever we want with unlimited vacation. Almost forgot, we have catered lunches every single day and all this is possible because we only work with the best of the best. If you think that’s you, read on!

Who we look for?
We’re looking for top of the line engineers that can solve some of our biggest challenges here at AppSumo. Problems that consist of big data challenges and scaling issues. We look for developers that can program from back end to front end but are specialized in one or the other.

What’s your tech stack?
We like new things. So we code with Python, JS, Node, AWS, Docker and Linux. We’re super collaborative and open to tech stack suggestions as we continue to evolve as well. There’s a lot more details that we want to share, but we’ll save that information for a call together.

Pay & Benefits?
Usual benefits, you know big salary, benefits etc. The fun stuff below.
2 Team vacations where we fly out the whole team first class to have a world class business trip.
Unlimited vacation days. Not the kind that you have to feel guilty about. We’re talking take off when you want.
Work when you want. No hours. Flexible work hours.
Catered lunches every single day + packed fridges.

Required Skills
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