Senior Software Engineer

Software Developer in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted 2019-09-16

Company Overview

At Proofpoint, we have a passion for protecting people, data, and brands from today’s advanced threats and compliance risks. We hire the best people in the business to:

• Build and enhance our proven security platform
• Blend innovation and speed in a constantly evolving cloud architecture
• Analyze new threats and offer deep insight through data-driven intel
• Collaborate with customers to help solve their toughest security challenges

We are singularly devoted to helping our customers protect what matters most. That’s why we’re a leader in next-generation cybersecurity—and why more than half of the Fortune 100 trust us as a security partner.

We are seeking a Senior C# Software Engineer to join our growing development team in Pittsburgh.

If you've ever wanted to work for an innovative software company, a great environment with great people, this is your chance.

We’re a security software-as-a-service company so you’ll be involved both in our day-to-day software development as well as getting exposure to our security efforts.

Q: Ok. Who are you?
A: We’re comprised of some really smart white hat security hackers, researchers from CMU, software developers and lot of hard working and friendly faces. We also really like pie.

Q: What would I be working on?
A: You know all those data breaches you hear about in the news? Most of them started when a bad guy targeted an employee with a phishing attack. You’ll be working on our cloud-based SaaS user risk management and training service. Our customers are mostly large enterprise organizations that are under attack by some pretty nasty bad guys. They use our platform to deliver security education to their employees and figure out who needs extra help.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about your product?
A: Sure, we have several different ways that we can deliver security training to end users as well as several different ways to assess their security knowledge. One of the really fun ways we test the user is thinking like the bad guys. We send the end users a simulated phishing message. If they fall for it (they click our link, open our attachment, etc.), we show them training right away. It's an unconventional approach to changing user behavior and it works (hint: we have data). Proofpoint is in a growing space to say the least. If you ever wanted to learn more about cybersecurity and cutting-edge attacks, this is where to do it. You’ll get to help simulate evil, figure out how to fight evil, and give our customers data that they can use to protect their organization.

Q: Where is this position located?
A: Pittsburgh, PA in the Strip District.

Q: What will my day-to-day be like as a developer on the team?
A: You’ll be working on key components that have high value and visibility to the organization. It’s a polyglot environment--you might write some C# and then jump into Java, before ending the day working on some Javascript.

Q: What tools do I have at my disposal?
A: Whatever enables you to do your best work with reason (A Tesla won’t help you write code faster, sorry). Most of our developers use a Mac laptop.

Q: What hours will I work?
A: We work typical office hours — but value productivity, performance, and results: happy customers and code shipped. We’re in a competitive space, so sometimes there are long hours. But we all have families so we aim for a good work-life balance. Yes, we know everyone says that but seriously, many people here have kids or super likable dogs (or the rare acceptable cat). There are occasional late nights, but we get the balance thing.

Q: What technology do you use?
A: We're built entirely within Amazon Web Services. Sample of our stack: Linux, load balancers, auto-scaling, Sidekiq, Redis, Ansible, Git, Splunk, HIDS, two-factor auth, disk encryption, and a lot of cool security stuff that you probably aren't used to seeing. Also coffee (optional but recommended).

Q: What skills and qualities are you looking for in a candidate?
A: Here’s a bullet list of what we’re looking for:

Your day to day
• Perform development tasks related to delivering (mainly) C# and Java apps, including design, implementation, testing and deployment
• Comfortable with defining/implementing application and system architectures
• Work with Product Managers and Quality Engineers to ensure the delivery of great, high-quality features
• Investigate, prototype and recommend new technologies and solutions

What you bring to the team
• Able to work on full-stack
• 3+ years C# (must have), Java, Javascript (nice to have) experience
• Experience with Office COM model and Office 365 API’s a plus
• Have good handle of using and creating APIs
• Understand dependency injection (Spring), ORM concepts (Hibernate), MVC
• Database experience
• Comfortable with Git for version control
• Continuous integration
• Can work independently and thrives with autonomy.

• BS/BA in a software related field or incredible experience that makes us not care about a degree
The ideal candidate will be comfortable leaning in and making it happen. You will be an integral part of the team with a huge impact on the future of our products. We're passionate about what we do and you should be oo.

Why Proofpoint
As a customer focused and driven-to-win organization with leading edge products, there are many exciting reasons to join the Proofpoint team. We believe in hiring the best the brightest and cultivating a culture of collaboration and appreciation. As we continue to grow and expand globally, we understand that hiring the right people and treating them well is key to our success! We are a multi-national company with locations in 10 countries, with each location contributing to Proofpoint’s amazing culture!

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