Reliant Technologies

Senior Systems Analyst

Software Developer in Huntsville, AL

Posted 2019-05-30

Senior Data Analyst / Software Developer

Reliant Technologies is seeking a motivated engineer that’s capable of working in a team environment, as well as innovating on their own. The candidate will be working in a lab environment, solving complex end to end simulation problems. As well as innovating new algorithms to help progress our military’s missile defense system.

Required Qualifications:


- At least a Bachelor's Degree in Physics, Engineering or Mathematics with 10 years or experience or a Master's Degree/Ph.D. with 5 years of experience

- At least 2 years experience utilizing Python in Data Analysis applications

Desired Qualifications:

- Experience with Space Environments in Low Earth Orbit

- Experience working missile defense related applications

- Experience with Matlab, Java, and/or Mathematica

- Experience with Trajectory/6DOF analysis

- Experience with python libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, sci-kit learn

- Experience with SQL queries

Keywords: Data Science, Missile Defense, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, Missile Threat, Physics, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Job Type: Full-time

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Company summary

Reliant Technologies is a Veteran-Owned Small Business dedicated to providing superior products and services to clients across the government aerospace industry.


Reliant offers a above-average salaries, healthcare and bonuses.

Tech Stack

Python, Matlab, Mathematica, SQL, Keras, Tensorflow, Pandas, Java

Interview process

We typically have a short phone interview to discuss our company background being that we're so small. After that, we typically have lunch to talk about the position in depth.

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