Software Developer

Back End Developer in Oxford, ENG

Posted 2019-06-27

As a software engineer, you will specialize in building solutions that power companies and cities in the world. We are looking for someone who has a strong passion for developing infrastructures and has experience with APIs, processing, and graphics. The ideal candidate for this position will be a reliable and adept programmer who is eager to break down large, technical problems and solve them systematically.

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Company summary

[ui!]uk is a SME that provides smart city solutions to local authorities and to the private sector. Chief amongst our products in development are;
• helloEV (electric vehicle sharing solution and fleet assessment tool)
• ELECTRA (an EV charge point booking app and charge point CMS)
• Park and Charge (EV charging hub for 1 in 4 residents without off street parking)
• Living Labs (urban data platforms for Keele University LL for Smart City innovations, Kent CC LL for IoT and Smart Highways incubator)
• and the BlueRoom (innovation management workshop).

We also provide consulting services (advisory and project management), as well as supporting business development and product development, for the Urban Software Institute, a global smart city firm (Germany, Hungary, Australia, and the US). Key projects and products for [ui!]global include;
• Mobility as a Service project funded by Germany Govt with BMW and Microsoft
• Smart Lampposts solutions and Street Lighting CMS in Germany, Australia and NZ
• Smart Traffic Management solutions in US
• Traffic Light Assist app in Germany and US


Work form home is possible

Tech Stack

UrbanPulse is an information platform for urban data powered by Microsoft Azure. It features a highly scalable architecture for data feeds processing and analysis, with a specialized connector framework for easy integration with sensor and other city operation subsystems.

Since every city is different regarding size, people, infrastructure, laws and regulations, we designed our management platform to cover the requirements of those cities. Therefore, our core services are written in Java and can be operated on different (virtual) infrastructures. The platform consists of different module types which provide specific services to the other modules of the platform. In order to provide a service, the modules can leverage existing Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies (e.g. Databases, Storage, and Connectivity). Due to its modular architecture, the platform supports a scale-up strategy by increasing the virtual resources of a node (CPU, Memory, etc.) as well as a scale-out strategy where individual modules can be deployed multiple times on different nodes.

The main functional requirements are to provide a holistic view of the data of different (urban) domains (mobility, energy, environment and administration) to identify optimization options.

For some application examples, it is necessary to obtain and analyse data in near real-time. Therefore, UrbanPulse ensures the least possible latencies.

UrbanPulse is developed in Java and leverages the JEE7 and VERT.X frameworks. The management modules are deployed on Payara 4.1.1 application servers while the modules involved in the event processing are operating in a VERT.X cluster. All the modules run on Azure Virtual Machines. Each of the UrbanPulse modules acts as a so-called micro service which offers its functionality to the other modules. The interaction between the modules is realized by a message bus system that allows asynchronous communication. This approach enables us to scale the platform over multiple instances depending on the required resources.

Interview process

We are providing a three stage process. First informal call about what you are looking for in terms of work and career and what we are looking for in terms of the role. The second interview is a skype interview and a gateway to the third interview which is a technical assessment against your CV and our platform/developer needs. We are running a very small candidate pool and hope to complete contact to decision within three weeks.

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