Aptus Engineering, Inc.

Software Solutions Developer

Software Developer in Phoenix, AZ

Posted 2019-03-21

About the company

Aptus Engineering, Inc. is a robotics and AI development company that provides development services and consulting to clients around the world. We are involved in projects ranging from unmanned aircraft systems, control systems design, AI applications, medical diagnostic tools, cloud solutions and more! The company is founded by young, recent graduates in order to fund research interests and work on some of the coolest projects out there!

We're looking for strong individuals to be a part of our dedicated and motivated start-up team to help bring our clients' and our own ideas to life!

About the position

This position requires working with the development team to architect high level software solutions for various applications and end points ranging from AI back-end software to interfaces to embedded systems. This position requires strong problem solving and learning abilities. As a small (but fast growing) team, we need everyone to be able to put on different hats - so sometimes, the person at this position may just have to architect high level solutions but most times, they would also have to play a major role in implementing them.

Required qualifications/experience

Mastery of Python programming with NumPy, tensorflow, and opencv experience
Mastery of Javascript and NodeJS programming with WebGL experience
2+ years of experience in the industry or working on complex personal projects
4+ years of experience working in teams of 3-10 individuals on software development projects
Passion for continuous improvement and achieving only the best results
Amazing problem solving and learning ability! You may be asked to learn a new language or frameworks within a few days!
Must be great at Math
Must be able to solve complex coding problems - check out https://coderbyte.com

Desired qualifications/experience

Linear algebra skills - matrix operations, rotation matrices, graphical programming, navigation systems etc.
Knowledge of cloud systems (containers, docker, VMs etc.) and ability to deploy scalable cloud systems
Web development skills (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python with Flask etc.)
Experience with C# development (UWP etc.) for Windows apps
Engineering, physics or mathematics background
Bachelor's degree or higher in Physics, Mathematics, computer science or a relevant engineering field (software, mechanical, aerospace etc. are fine as long as you can prove your programming proficiency)

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