Tribal, Inc.

Sr Application Developer

Software Developer in Denver, CO

Posted 2020-01-13

Job Description:
We are looking for a senior developer with a passion for building SaaS products. This person would be able to lead a team of developers, help plan architecture and timeline out development plans. This person will be an integral part of our development team, and dev responsibilities will include developing for our web, iOS, Android and future desktop apps. This will include enhancing existing software as well as developing new offerings within our products.

The candidate should be familiar with the Scrum Development Methodology and comfortable with leading the process — or willing to learn and become a Scrum expert. The candidate should also be fully versed and comfortable with the microservice architecture and development philosophy.

The candidate should be a self-starter who feels confident about learning and taking control over a codebase with guidance and support from the existing development team. Once up to speed, the candidate will be expected to take ownership of tasks given to them, which in turn requires the candidate to be self-disciplined, troubleshoot where necessary, and eager to learn new technologies.

We work as a distributed workforce with a collaboration space in Broomfield, CO. We mix our time between remote and in office as needed for the team. We currently have a team of 3 full time developers, 3 contract developers through a dev firm, a UX/UI Designer and a Project Manager.

You are also excellent at:
- React Native (3 - 4 yrs)
- React-Apollo (1+ yrs)
- Redux (2+ yrs)
- React-Redux (1+ yrs)
- GraphQL 1-2 yr
- Git 4+ yr
- CSS 4+ yr
- Agile Software Development 4+ yr

You are familiar with:
- Experience with AWS ecosystem
- Node.js Experience
- Postgres Experience
- React Experience
- Native IOS or Android Experience
- Docker
- Jenkins

Personally, you are:
- Excellent at leading and developing a team of developers from distributed locations
- Good with verbal and email communication
- Self-motivated and disciplined
- Able to focus on the task at hand or a handful of them
- A problem-solver
-Creative and fun

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