Radiant Digital

Unix Developer-23359

System Engineer in Alpharetta, GA

Posted 2019-09-16

Business Scenario/Requirements
• Our environment consists of both unix and windows servers. We utilize a variety of different database technologies and IBM products to provide a data solutions, reporting, and analytics.
• The need to rearchitect and enhance this environment is critical. We require someone that can handle a variety of different skills and software tools in order to make this happen.
• Being able to inventory assets, offer suggestions, troubleshoot and provide effective solutions is vital in this role since there are a lot of moving parts. The ability to communicate and work as a team player is important as well.
• Another aspect is supporting the existing system. The need for someone that is capable of supporting, trouble shooting and bug fixing database/script/unix/windows issues is critical.

What we need:
• Ability to work independently and be productive. Be able to report on your status/progress efficiently.
• Windows / Unix (various versions). Productivity in working between both environments.
• Multi-tasking – the ability to handle/queue multiple requests and work efforts.
• User/Group Management - Understand how Unix/Windows works with ADOM for user and application privileges.
• Basic understanding of PBRUN / Cyberark and how it functions between systems local/global user accounts – how applications interact with local vs global accounts.
• Able to reverse engineer / breakdown / enhance legacy scripts written in KSH, .CMD, VBScript, and other legacy ETL scripting languages. Be able to translate into future established tools.
• Advanced knowledge on Oracle, SQL, PLSQL Plus, and development tools that allow you to create/troubleshoot/debug SQL. Knowledge on PL SQL Loader.
• Knowledge on Teradata – how to access and interface with it, as well as building SQL/scripts and using tool sets such as fast export.
• Unix skills – such as development/scripting using .KSH, environment variables. Expert knowledge in user/app permissions and how to navigate and work in a productive manner.
• Knowledge in tools that allow Unix/X ui interfaces. Knowledge on utilizing CFI/FTP functionality.
• Knowledge in IBM Datastage. Understand how it works. Be able to support existing and new projects. There is a need to be able to convert existing legacy jobs into more streamlined jobs which require less support.
• Support – be able to support and maintain production systems. Because this requirement is for a business-critical system, there may be times where you are required to support it outside of normal business hours.
• The knowledge and understanding to startup/restart and debug application specific issues related to our production servers. For example, if there is a production outage in a server related to COGNOS or Datastage, you must be able to help support it.
• Knowledge in COGNOS. Understand its architecture, how to use it efficiently, and to offer suggestions on how we can make our environments better.
• Analytics – be able to support and build reporting/analytic solutions in COGNOS, as well as through database technologies.
• Know how to work with and troubleshoot database technologies using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
• Know how to configure Oracle databases appropriately.
• Expert knowledge in building COGNOS Framework packages, and how to deploy them in sandbox/production environments.
• Moderate knowledge in understanding and supporting IIS (Internet Information Systems)

Skills Breakdown
Operating Systems: Unix / Windows
Databases: Oracle (primary) Teradata (primary) SQL Server, AWS
Database Tools: SQL Plus, SQL Developer, PL SQL Loader, Teradata Fast Export, Teradata Studio
Languages/Functions: KSH, CMD, VBScript, Crontab, Scheduled Tasks, ADOM, PowerBroker, CyberArk, Java, Python
Software: Datastage, Director, Framework Manager, COGNOS (Admin/Report/Ad-Hoc/etc), IIS, Apache

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